Transpersonal Universe & Pneuma Breathwork ~ 2017

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Dear Friends of Inkarri,

Please join us for our series of Pneuma Weekend Courses in 2017. Presented by Juan Ruiz Naupari and certified Pneuma System facilitators, each module will be given over four weekends in the Southern California area with the option of participating online. The weekends will consist of conferences and a session of Pneuma Breathwork.

These courses are required for those who aspire to become certified Pneuma Breathwork facilitators. They are also open to anyone wishing to further their spiritual studies within the Pneuma System. For those who would like to only attend Pneuma Breathwork sessions, you are welcome to.

We look forward to your presence, as we learn together in the light and breath of Pneuma.

Inner Peace,
Inkarri Cultural Association


LIVESTREAM available

June 17-18, Death & Rebirth
September 23-24, Transpersonal Vision of Psychology
October 14-15, Sacred Anatomy of Man
November 4-5, The Process of Awakening

Saturdays ~ Conferences: 10am – 2pm & 3pm – 7pm
Sundays ~ Pneuma Breathwork: 10am – 2pm & Conference: 3pm – 5pm

Transpersonal Universe is the second core module in Transpersonal Psychology and Pneuma Breathwork, within the Pneuma System. In this course, we continue to deepen our experience of the Sacred, both within and outside of ourselves, and thus learn to live our life with increasingly deeper awareness and clarity.

$150 – Full Weekend includes all Conferences and Pneuma Breathwork
$50 – Pneuma Breathwork only

*Receive a $50 discount if you pre-pay for all 4 full weekends for $550.
*For those joining remotely, the weekend course is $100, without Pneuma Breathwork.

To register:

Please indicate when registering, if you are working towards becoming a certified Pneuma Breathwork Facilitator.

Sundays, 10am – 2pm

September 24
October 15
November 5

Pneuma Breathwork is a revolutionary, profound, and easy-to-do practice, that naturally leads to extraordinary or transpersonal states. The goal is to open our perception to the deepest and most unknown contents of the psyche, in order to connect with our spiritual essence and inner peace, leading in this way to the gradual healing of our life.

$50 per session
To register:

“Happiness is a personal decision. Consciousness, intuition, and
experience of unity; three fundamental characteristics that belong
to our nature. Here there are no feelings of separation,
neither from that which is sacred nor with humanity.”
~ Juan Ruiz Naupari