Sexual Magic & Pneuma Breathwork

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Sexual Magic & Pneuma Breathwork
March 21st – 29th, 2017

Khajuraho, India


“Human love is a spark of Divine Love.”

The terms Tantra, Sexual Magic, or Alchemy, refer to the Divine Union between a man and a woman who perform the sacred ritual in a high state of consciousness in order to achieve spiritual liberation, Moksha.


The basis of white tantra is the discovery of the spiritual nature of sexuality by the couple, Shiva-Shakti, who are initiated on the path towards spiritual progression by combining the “preservation and sublimation of energy”, with the deep study and practice of self knowledge, as well as meditation.

• A Transpersonal Vision of Sexual Yoga
• Kundalini: The Divine Cosmic Energy
• The Codes of Sexual Magic in Sacred Texts
• The Architecture of the Subtle Bodies
• Spirit, Consciousness, Mind, and Breath
• The Sacred Maithuna: Contact, Scents, Sounds, Tastes, Thoughts, Preliminaries, Consummation, and Culmination.
• Ecstasy and Mystical Death in the context of Sahaja Maithuna
• The Panchatattva Ritual or the Five True Things

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