Inner Peace Gracias

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Dear Beloved Friends,

We thank you from the depths of our hearts for celebrating Day of Inner Peace, and for your participation during the Fourth World Tour for Inner Peace. Whether you were attending in Los Angeles, rejoicing around the world, or with us in Spirit, we thank you for Being.


Infinite thanks to the Golden Eagle and Juan Ruiz Naupari for the opportunity to learn the process of cultivating true inner peace, so that we may create a “Culture of Peace” in our world.

The Culture of Peace by Juan Ruiz Naupari


A sweet thank you to Doña María Apaza for sharing her love and the wisdom of her sacred Inkan lineage, and to Maco Peña Garcia for being our bridge and dear sister.


Special thanks to our Day of Inner Peace producer Avasa Love and co-producer Rory Freedman, and to our Events Coordinator Lucy Pacheco, for their heartfelt efforts and beautiful coordination. A profound thanks to our Day of Inner Peace Team, who crystallized this celebration through their devotional service: Margy Boll, Jaime Flores, Caroline Horton, Rainbeau Mars, Cheserae Scala, Eric Baumgartner, Amanda Riley, Matthew Love, Dana Schwartz, David Watts, Flavio Santoyo, and Caroline Kane.


We thank the following for their precious contributions to this blessed day. Rainbeau Mars Lifestyles, La Divina, Essential Medicina, Josie Maran Cosmetics, Sun Potion, Open Source Organics, Organic India, Dave Regos, and Michael Jon Leonard.


And finally, we give deep thanks to all those who have sponsored the education of a Q’ero child or Tibetan child monk.


Photos from Day of Inner Peace and the World Tour for Inner Peace, are posted on our Facebook page, please tag yourselves!


We hope you will join us in the near future for more opportunities to illuminate ourselves within the light of Pneuma.

Inner Peace,
Inkarri Cultural Association