The Hymn of the Pearl ~ July 17th – 22nd Hawaii

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Dear Friends,

We are happy to announce another journey to experience the teachings of the Pneuma System with Juan Ruiz Naupari. Please find the information below for our course this July in Hawaii, The Hymn of the Pearl.

We hope you will join us for this exquisite offering held in the beauty of Hawaii.

Inkarri Cultural Association


The Hymn of the Pearl
July 17th – 22nd 

This precious hymn of Iranian and Syrian origin established itself in the Gnostic Tradition and in the Neoplatonic context of the Hellenistic world. The parable speaks about the son’s journey returning to his Father’s home. This chant represents the resurrection of the soul, beginning with the descent into hell, where various characteristic elements are found, such as the deprivation of heavenly attributes, the descent into Egypt which was considered an evil world, the loss of innocence, and the oblivion of one’s origin. Then it takes us to the providential superior action that awakens us, the letter from the Golden Eagle with the guidance to return, confronting the dragon or serpent that has degraded the pearl- the soul, the victory over the dragon, the return to Heaven and the presence of the Mother, who is waiting for the son next to the King. The Hymn of the Pearl is a journey that your heart will never forget.