Essential Shamanism ~ Machu Picchu & Lake Titicaca, August 18 – 29

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Dear Friends,

We invite you with joy, to our upcoming course in Peru this August!

It is the high season, therefore in order to organize the journey properly, we need your registration by May 30th, to guarantee your participation in the course.

Please review the details below. For information and registration, email

We look forward to traveling together on this inspired journey, as we learn to navigate the great mysteries of Consciousness, Nature, and Spirit.

Inkarri Cultural Association


Machu Picchu & Lake Titicaca
August 18 – 29, 2017

Essential Shamanism is the “Art of Sacralising Life”. This includes accepting the transpersonal reality and learning to live according to the Sacred Laws. In order to do this, we sail the seas of the Mystery and learn to fly wisely around the Universe. We also enter other planes of reality and discover the wonders of Mother Nature, Pachamama. We honor her Love and Strength, and tune our soul to be able to work with her most subtle realities with humility and respect, thus serving the Divine.

Contrary to common beliefs about shamanism, healing the body through rituals, plants and energetic work, is only a small part of the shamanic experience. The focus is on the heart, to recover our connection with Spirit, as this will enable us to experience the true power of the Essence, which lives in the Sacred Temple of our physical body.

Essential Shamanism proposes that we walk a path of self-knowledge and deep, inner investigation by means of Amplified States of Consciousness. This allows the disclosure of unknown elements, both in the individual subconscious and the ancient collective mind. By bringing these elements into our consciousness, they are activated and unfold their full healing potential for inner transformation.

The course starts on August 18th at 6pm and finishes on August 29th after breakfast.

• Presentation of the module on Essential Shamanism in Cusco
• Qenqo: Air Initiation
• Sacsayhuaman: Offering and Mother Earth Initiation
• Sajrachacan (Temple of the Andean Cross): Water Initiation
• Sacred Valley: Visit to Pisac and Ollantaytambo
• Sacred Valley: Pneuma Breathwork
• Visit to Machu Picchu
• Sacred Valley: Offering to Mother Earth
• Puno: Sillustani and Esteves Island (Lake Titicaca)
• Lake Titicaca: Floating Islands, Taquile and Uros. Fire Ceremony
• Puno: Pneuma Breathwork
• Puno: Inti Uyo (Phallic Temple) and Aramu Muro (Interdimensional Gate)

Lecturer: Juan Ruiz Naupari
Special Guests: Doña María Apaza (Q´ero priestess) & Manuel Apaza (Q´ero priest)

*Please sign up before May 30th, to guarantee your participation in the course.

Registration & Information:

Deposit: $500 due by May 30th
Pay via Paypal:

Course includes:
• Teachings and practices, including all the initiations and two Pneuma Breathwork sessions.
• Programmed visits to places of power and specialized guides.
• 3 star hotels at the Sacred Valley, 4 star hotels in Cusco, and 5 star hotels at Lake Titicaca. Breakfast is included.
• Transportation: Pick-up from the airport, train and bus trips to the programmed places we will visit during the course.

Not included: Flights to Cuzco, medical insurance, hotel and transportation in Lima, tips, non-specified meals, airport taxes, procedures and visas.

*The organization is not responsible for changes or cancellations of your flights in the event the course does not take place.
*Deposits are non-refundable if participants cancel their reservation.

• We recommend buying your flights with cancellation insurance and open dates, in the event the course is cancelled or if you need to change your travel dates.
• Please purchase personal travel insurance.
• Hygienic conditions are good. No vaccines are needed.
• Mind altitude sickness during the first few days, as we will be at 3500-4000 meters above sea-level.
• You will need clothing for a sunny mountain climate, temperate during the day and cold at night. Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat are necessary.
• Trekking shoes are useful to walk in the mountains and in archaeological sites. We will not be doing any climbing or long, difficult hikes, so no special equipment is needed.
• Bring your sleeping bag, white clothes, and the items you need for meditations and Breathwork sessions. You are responsible for your own equipment during the practices.

Registration & Information:


“The Andean Cross or Chakana is one of the most sacred symbols
of the Incans, it is etched in the heavens as the constellation of the
Southern Cross. This cosmic ideogram represents spiritual life
expressing itself in all of its forms, and revalues the significance of
this emblem expressed in all traditions on the planet.”
~Juan Ruiz Naupari