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Reiki is a system of healing that came from the spiritual experience and study of Mikau Usui in the nineteenth century. The foundation is the connection with Universal Life Force Energy (Reiki) which enables a true mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical transformation and deep healing.

Today, thanks to the inspiration of the Golden Eagle, this system brings new strength and purpose to redefining essential concepts: The subtle internal constitution of the human being, healing – the way back to the sacred process of spiritual progression, the causes of disease, purpose of the different levels of training in Reiki, subtle tools for healing, and the necessity of personal work as a therapist.

With Christic Reiki:

    • Relax your body and mind
    • Reinforce your connection with Christ Energy
    • The Divine power and its connection between humans
    • Accelerate your process of spiritual progression
    • You learn to work with the five elements (earth, water, fire, air, akasha) the physical body
    • You can offer Reiki healing sessions

We understand the disease as a process of disharmony and disconnection with ourselves, with our divine nature, with Mother Nature and Father/Mother God. Through the relaxation and serenity of therapies and Reiki attunements, we can return to the state of our own essential unity within the human being that helps us to transcend the psychological states which keep us from being well.

The Christic Reiki system of teaching is divided into three levels of training for healing sessions and self-healing. There is a fourth level, the Master, which enables one to perform attunements, as the Reiki attunements are transmitted directly from teacher to student.

Benefits of Christic Reiki

        • Support your own healing process at deep levels
        • Develop a supply of extra energy
        • Decrease the side effects of medical treatments
        • Help raise awareness of the causes of disease so that you can, if you like, find a solution
        • Strengthen your connection to the Christ Energy
        • Remove physical, energetic, emotional and mental blocks that are holding back your process of healing and personal development
        • Support others in their healing process through the transmission of Universal Life Force Energy
        • Commit, understand and deepen your spiritual path of evolution, your way back home

Christic Reiki Courses

Each level of training is 10-12 hours plus a series of practical activities subsequent to course induction. Only after fulfilling these requirements is a diploma awarded. There will be a post-course following the initiation process. The time between courses will support the settling of energy and the psychological integration from each completed level, as well as the subsequent courses practical requirements. After the completion of the second level you will be able to offer healing sessions to others.

Reiki I: Physical Healing

This level is for self-treatment sessions only and is not to be used professionally or with friends and family.

          • Christ Consciousness
          • Concept of Healing: God’s service
          • History of Reiki: Golden Eagle inspiration
          • Internal constitution of man
          • Healing the physical body: Mother Nature and elementary anatomy
          • Internal work of the therapist
          • Command Level I
          • The healing session


Reiki II: Healing the Soul

From this level you can offer therapeutic Christic Reiki sessions.

            • Distance Healing
            • Subtle human anatomy
            • Mental, emotional and network energy or aura hygiene
            • Teachers and Healing mantras
            • Internal work of the therapist
            • Distance healing in space and time
            • Symbols level II
            • Usui Reiki
            • Christic Reiki
            • Session level II


Reiki III: Spiritual Healing

              • Multidimensionality of the Universe
              • Universal Laws: Karma and Dharma
              • Reiki therapist inner work: Preparing for the Master. Mystical Death and Scientific Chastity.
              • Symbols level III
              • Usui Reiki
              • Christic Reiki


Reiki Master’s Degree

                • Subtle Anatomy: Subtle Bodies
                • The processes of death
                • Creating an initiation
                • How to prepare a course
                • Internal work of the therapist: Scientific Chastity
                • Symbols of expertise
                • Usui Reiki
                • Christic Reiki


To Note

The healing sessions and initiations of Christic Reiki are defined as a complementary therapy and do not replace any medical or psychological treatment. Christic Reiki is not a spiritual path.

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