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pneuma System

The word Pneuma means Spirit in Greek and refers to the sacred ‘Breath of Life’ that animates and pervades all of creation. The Pneuma System is a divinely revealed path that leads to profound inner transformation and self-realization. It integrates psychological & spiritual teachings and practices that are both modern and ancient from the esoteric traditions of the East and West into a comprehensive whole. It is a path of synthesis, which brings together the inner wisdom of the major traditions of the world, and thus offers a new vision of spirituality for the new era.

The central objective of the Pneuma System it to awaken the essential spiritual values latent within us through embarking on the process of reintegration with our True Nature, known as Atman, the Inner Christ, or Buddha Nature, among others.

The Pneuma System is also known as “The Path of Knowledge” because it emphasizes the direct experience and therefore the knowing of our True Essence, that which is the very source of our existence and gives us life. Through Pneuma Breathwork, specific meditations, and various other psychological & spiritual practices that are central to the fabric of the Pneuma System, we are able to access these sacred experiences, which serve to provide a powerful catapult for deep spiritual growth. As we establish contact with our Inner Being, it becomes an essential point of reference and the guiding light that illuminates our life.

The Pneuma System is composed of three central modules, which are the bedrock upon which the more advanced teachings rest. The modules are taught by various certified facilitators of the Pneuma System in centers throughout the world.

There are also optional specialized courses, retreats, and initiatic journeys taught by the founder and director of Inkarri and the Pneuma System, Juan Ruiz Naupari. These are available to compliment one’s training in the Pneuma System and are offered in many sacred places across the globe, including Peru, India, Israel, Egypt, Greece, and the U.S.