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In Pneuma Dreamwork you will learn to deepen into the universe of your dreams from three perspectives: Essential Shamanism, Psychology and Spirituality.

Dreamwork is a complete training that includes advanced practices to remember dreams, become aware of them, distinguish the types of dreams and to advance well into astral experiences and beyond with a solid foundation of self-awareness and interpretation.

– From the psychological point of view: you will work with your own dreams to guide your way to self-knowledge and an understanding of your personal processes.

– From a shamanic point of view: you will learn tools for advancing lucid dreaming and astral experience. You will also experience Expanded States of Consciousness with Pneuma Breathing, a simple and safe method of connecting with the multidimensional universe.

– From the spiritual point of view: you will place the dreamwork within a broad framework of the Progression to Consciousness. Learning to work on your dreams for Guiding, Healing, and Teaching.

This Training is For:

– People who want to use the physical sleep time to advance their personal development path.
– Dreamers who are needing more understanding and training in their personal processes.
– Therapists who wish to deepen their knowledge and experience of the dream world.

For more information and to RSVP please contact: