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Pneuma Dance proposes the rediscovery of the dance as a sacred vehicle for profound internal transformation. A medium through which we can come into contact with the most exalted aspects of our nature, born of our deep Inner Being.

We are guided by that eternal light of truth and ineffable beauty within the dance and in this way we lovingly open to the serpentine undulations of the Shakti Kundalini – the inexhaustible current of divine vital energy that dwells within each human being. Once connected to this subtle flow of grace we learn to surrender to it so that our movements may be born from that pure source which is inextricably connected to and part of the freshness of Spirit in each moment, the eternally new.

Each movement becomes then a unique, living expression – we transcend the repetitive mechanical motion born of our conditioned consciousness and open ourselves to a majestic realm in which our true beauty can be palpated and brought into a vital and deeply inspired spontaneous expression.

In this way we discover the power latent within the dance and recover our conscious appreciation of dance as a sacred art form which was gifted to humanity in order to inspire, uplift and offer an exquisitely beautiful way in which to share in our praise and love of God.

The dance practice itself includes various meditative and breath techniques which are designed to bring the dancer into a space of heightened awareness or a trans-ordinary state of consciousness. From this space the facilitator guides the dancers into a state of communion with their Inner Being and from there awareness of the other great guide within the practice – the distinctly feminine energy of the Shakti Kundalini – is generated.

The practice is accompanied by deeply edifying and spiritually inspired music from around the globe. No previous dance experience necessary.

Benefits of the practice include

  • Inspires joy and gratitude
  • Helps us to cultivate a sense of true self-worth
  • Increases our consciousness of how we move leading to improved posture and ease within our body
  • Increases physical vitality
  • Aids us in cultivating a healthy relationship to our body
  • Augments our sense of emotional and spiritual well being
  • Increases our awareness of how our psychological state affects our physical body and emotions
  • Inspires a sense of deep connection to the Heart – tunes us in to the voice of the Inner Being
  • Connects us to a sense of authentic beauty, dignity and grace – born of Love
  • Inspires us in our process of inner work

Weekend workshops are offered (1, 2 or half day) which are designed to bring us into a deeper exploration through theory and dance practice, of different aspects of the Divine in it’s multiple manifestations within the world’s great spiritual traditions. Classes and longer workshops can be arranged nationally and internationally.

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