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In it’s original form, many thousands of years ago, dance was considered Divine and, as such, entirely sacred in nature. The temple dances of India, Egypt and Greece and other countries of the ancient world had an objective which today has been all but forgotten. The dance was one of the mediums through which Divine communion was achieved and transmitted into the earthly realms. It was considered sublime in nature and was revered and respected for the great power it had to awaken virtue and illuminate the soul.

Over the course of many millennia man has become increasingly distant from Source and forgetful of his true nature. This disconnection has given rise to a state of profound decadence in many areas of culture and the arts. Dance, once viewed as a sacred vehicle through which we could express praise and articulate the great beauty of the Innermost, has in modern times, come to be accepted most commonly as an enjoyable past time and in the worst cases as a lascivious display intended to seduce or amuse on the basest level. The sacred aspect of this once immeasurably valued spiritual art form has been very nearly lost.

Pneuma Dance proposes the rediscovery and reinvigoration of the dance as a vehicle of Divine communion. Our vision is of a dance that symbolizes through sacred movement the perfection of the Inner Immortal Being and reveals the inherent dignity and truth of the human being. In this dance form we consider the human body to be a sacred container for Divinity – in the words of St. Paul of Tarsus, “a temple of the living God”. We come to understand it as an exquisite instrument through which the great subtleties and mysteries of Consciousness can be expressed using the language of symbolic movement to convey profound spiritual truths.

There is much emphasis placed on the devotional aspect within the dance. Dancers are guided to view the practice as a deeply personal, creative act of worship. They are encouraged to focus their attention, their love and their gratitude wholeheartedly on the all-pervasive presence of the Shakti energy, the great birthing current of the universe which animates and sustains all of creation with it’s Divine luminescence.

As we move into a more intimate awareness of our connection to this liquid living light of the Divine Shakti current so we are absorbed into the primordial womb of wisdom. In this way we come to feel the immense power and inconceivable creative potential that is as a dormant seed of light reposing within us, waiting for the moment of germination.

Once the seed is fertilized, realized, brought into consciousness we are liberated from stagnation, smallness, limitation. The possibilities latent within the depths of our own soul, Spirit within, are revealed. We enter into the perfect center of stillness within the great swirling creative forces of nature and there we realize that our body is still moving – a living testament to the great dynamism that is in a constant cycle of renewal, of which we are an inextricable part – and yet as our body moves so are we also held within the ineffable silence of perfect peace. Such is the power of devotion that through dedicated practice we can enter into such spaces as these through the dance – thus we are nourished and transformed on the most profound levels of our Being.

So in Pneuma Dance the dancers are encouraged to view the practice as an opportunity to express and experience the great power, beauty and truth of their own unique Inner Being in union with the All.

We employ various techniques to facilitate our entry into the vast territory of experience that awaits us within the dance. The techniques are based upon ancient wisdom relating to the role of the Divine feminine in our awakening to and crystallization of the Inner Being. Practices include breath techniques, visualization and at times, chanting.

The music is of a highly uplifting and spiritual nature and is designed to assist us specifically in opening to the undulating flow of the Divine Shakti currents that animate all life.

The power and energy generated through the dance is sent out through engaging in particular meditative techniques of visualization to bless and heal all sentient beings, including Mother Earth.

As we achieve these states of union with the primordial energy of the Divine we are imbued with all the virtues of our true nature – compassion, grace, dignity, wisdom and the profound power of purification amongst others. Through this process of reidentification with our inner divine nature we also undergo a process of disidentification from the falsity within us. The real purpose of Pneuma Dance is to activate the latent powers of truth and authentic beauty within us and to learn through experiencing them how to make them manifest in our lives and in service to God.