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Amplified States of Consciousness applied to your inner development


Pneuma Breathwork is a revolutionary, deep and easy to do practice that leads naturally to extraordinary or transpersonal states. These states allow for the exploration of the most subtle and refined internal dimensions of the psyche.
The goal is to open our perception to the deepest and most unknown contents of the psyche so as to connect with our spiritual essence and inner peace leading in this way to the gradual healing of our life.

The sustained practice of breathing accompanied by a particular musical sequence with intention and focused attention, makes it possible for us to investigate pre-conscious and unconscious aspects within us with an infinite variety of possible experiences, ranging from those of a physical/energetic nature, to emotional release, to the understanding of unresolved issues pertaining to our personal history or even the direct experience of the transpersonal or spiritual reality: karma, dharma, reincarnation and past lives, multidimensionality of the universe, ecstatic experiences and deep connection, etc, which can provide understanding and the transcendence of states of suffering.

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