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The Way of Beauty

The Pneuma System, known as The Path of Knowledge, is an holistic system of teachings that integrates the branches of philosophy, science, mysticism, psychology, and art, with the common focus of developing the human being on every level; spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and physically.

Because Pneuma is a system of knowledge based on direct spiritual experience, for more than a decade, a new form of art has been emerging. We have baptized this branch of art with the title Pneuma Art, or spiritual art. This integral form of art, based upon the profound inner experiences of the students, encompasses many forms of manifestation extending to painting, drawing, sculpture, music, dance, poetry, literature and craftsmanship.

The works that have emerged from Pneuma Art, The Way of Beauty express the freshness, grace, and power that surge forth from the innermost depths of man, within which is found the prodigious wisdom of the Inner Being, which calls us to remember our True Origin and leads us to self-realization on all levels.

To describe our mystical experiences through words only, reduces and simplifies the pneumatic experience of the Divine. Pneuma Art gives us a new language, which extracts, reveals, and expresses the wisdom of the sacred universal codices through the medium of Archetypal-Inner-Art in order to draw us into the immense beauty of the mysterious world of the divine gene within.

Pneuma Art consciously brings forth a series of works that emerge from the sacred language of the Great Heart, which speaks in turn to our own hearts. These are works by mystical artists that contain teachings which lovingly touch the heart of man and inspire him toward the great process of inner transformation and awakening. The realities and truths that words cannot fully express are transmitted and expressed through this new form of Objective Art.

The works of art and activities within the sphere of Pneuma Art seek to build a bridge between our ordinary reality and the extraordinary reality, and thereby engender a trans-ordinary reality, a new illuminated consciousness that enables us to contain and express the divine in our everyday life. Pneuma Art, The Way of Beauty, forms part of the New Spiritual Culture that we all aspire to live within.

Juan Ruiz