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Pneuma Analysis Image

Pneuma Analysis is designed to facilitate the process of psychospiritual transformation. Through these unique sessions, individuals are able to work on a personal level so as to resolve particular obstacles or difficulties in their lives, be they of a spiritual, psychological, or relational nature.

Pneuma System views the individual holistically. Thus, all aspects of the human experience are seen to be interconnected and are carefully considered in these sessions. The objective of Pneuma Analysis is to support the individual in the process of reintegrating with their true nature. From this connection to the divine within, we are able to both heal the past and discover the path toward wholeness.

The focus is for the individual to reestablish the connection with one’s own inner guidance. The participant is lead to discover the wisdom of the inner teacher, who is able to direct the process from the higher intelligence of the spiritual heart. In this way, the individual is empowered through the rediscovery of his or her own inner being, rather than developing a dependence on the facilitator.

Within Pneuma Analysis sessions, the modalities of Pneuma Breathwork and Pneuma Dreamwork can be employed to assist the individual in his or her process. The most appropriate modality at any given point is agreed upon based on the particular needs of the participant.

Sessions available in the Los Angeles area and remote sessions by Skype are available for follow-up appointments.  To schedule please write to