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Module I


The first core module in Transpersonal Psychology and Pneuma Breathwork within the Pneuma System. The 'Art of Living' course offers the foundational teachings and practices upon which the entire Pneuma System rests.

The central objective of this module is to recuperate a deeper awareness of the sacredness of life. This develops through exploring and answering the great philosophical questions such as: Who am I? Where did I come from? What is the ultimate purpose of life? From the perspective of the Pneuma System, the answers to these questions are most directly obtained and integrated through the experience of that which is True and Eternal within us, namely our Essential Nature. Therefore, throughout the course we receive the necessary psycho-spiritual teachings and tools to deepen our connection with our Inner Being and thereby undertake the process of profound internal transformation that leads to liberation.

The practical and theoretical aspects of this module help us to discover the true source of our suffering and its multifaceted mechanisms within our psyche. Through the practice of serene self-observation, our inner vision deepens and with it our ability to discern and begin to understand the multiple limiting patterns within us. This allows us to begin to deconstruct these patterns and generate a more objective vision that naturally gives rise to the development of inner freedom. As we progress within this practice we acquire the necessary wisdom to begin to realign ourselves with our Original Nature. Thus we are able to create a life of greater joy, abundance, and love. In this way we begin to understand and master the art of living.

In the course you will learn how to:

- Relax your body and mind
- Connect to your spiritual center
- Align yourself with your Inner Being in every day life
- Learn various forms of meditation and other spiritual practices
- Deepen your practice of serene self-observation or mindfulness
- Skillfully navigate transpersonal states of consciousness
- Improve your relationship to yourself and others
- Free yourself from the limiting aspects of the past
- Understand and transcend negative emotional and mental elements within your psyche
- Diminish automatic and destructive reactions to people and events
- Increase your energy level
- Tap the source of inspired creativity


1. The Art of Living
2. The Tri-Part Constitution of Man
3. Consciousness: The Source of Happiness
4. Ego: The Source of Suffering
5. The Art of Pneuma Breathwork
6. Levels of Consciousness and Reality
7. Serene Self-Observation and Inner Illumination
8. The Creative Energy
9. The Role of the Eternal Feminine Principle in Transformation
10. The Transformation of the Mind
11. The Cultivation of Virtue
12. Transcending the Multiplicity of the “I”
13. The Seven Energetic Centers
14. The Power of Prayer and Meditation
15. Psychological Programming
16. Mystical Anthropology
17. The Inner Meaning of the Christian Gospels
18. Mystical Death and Rebirth


The content of each module develops within the framework of theoretical teachings and various psycho-spiritual practices, which include several Pneuma Breathwork sessions. The objective of Pneuma Breathwork is to expand our consciousness into a transpersonal field of awareness and thereby access a direct experience of our True Nature. These unique and powerful experiences provide essential points of reference that aid us greatly within our process of inner transformation.

The module consists of 18 two-hour classes plus 6 four-hour Pneuma Breathwork Sessions. It is also offered in the form of weekend intensives and week long retreats. See schedule for details.


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