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Juan in Peru

Creator of Pneuma System, a new Transpersonal perspective based in the comparative study of the ancient spiritual traditions of the planet. This system of self-knowledge, includes Pneuma Breathwork, a powerful, safe and simple practice which opens the way to Amplified States of Consciousness.

For more than thirty years he has studied transpersonal states and their application within both a therapeutic and human developmental context through imparting seminars and supporting the inner process of his students across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Currently, he dedicates more than 500 hours a year to giving workshops, seminars and conferences internationally. Among the topics he investigates, the following stand out: Alchemy and Sexuality, The Vedas, elements of Egyptian religion, Greek philosophy, the Gnostic manuscripts of Nag Hammadi, and the history and philosophy of the first Christian Masters.

Studious of Andean anthropology and pre-Hispanic cultures, he has created the Essential Shamanism Movement, a synthesis of the sacred traditions of Ancient America.

He is the Founder and International Director of Inkarri Cultural Association which organized the visit of H.H. the XIV Dalai Lama to Puerto Rico in 2004 and sponsored the Buddha Maitreya Initiation given by H.H. in India in 2011. Since 1992 he has coordinated the World Tour for Inner Peace which features two projects: The Buddha Maitreya Project, a solidarity program for the recovery and dissemination of the Tibetan Culture and the Q’eros Project, a program for the conservation of the values of the Andean culture.

He currently offers training in Analysis and Pneuma Breathwork internationally, and in Pneuma System Therapy in Bucharest and Timisoara, which is organized and accredited by the European and Romanian Associations of Transpersonal Psychology, a training which will initiate its second cycle in September 2015.

His work is inspired and guided by the Golden Eagle.