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The aim of Inkarri Cultural Association is to promote profound personal transformation through its holistic education program, the Pneuma System, which seeks to integrate the spiritual, psychological, and physical aspects of the individual. Inkarri Cultural Association also works toward the preservation of ancient cultural wisdom, by providing support to Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and the Q’ero Nation in Peru.

During its thirty years of activity within the sphere of personal and spiritual development, the association has produced specialists in psychology, pedagogy, and multiple forms of therapy, all of which aim to develop human potential and are centered on the transpersonal experience as a powerful method leading to inner transformation. Through the Pneuma System, Inkarri offers training in Transpersonal Psychology and Pneuma Breathwork, with the option of certification for those who desire to become facilitators of the Pneuma System.

Inkarri is a Quechua word that means morning sun, a symbol of spiritual awakening at the dawn of a new era. The word Inkarri also alludes to an Incan myth, where the son of the Sun, an enlightened being, will come in the future to assist humanity and restore harmony on the planet. This correlates with other mythologies and prophesies within many cultures, such as the Tibetan culture, which makes reference to the Buddha Maitreya as the Buddha of the Future.