Pneuma Breathwork – June 6th, Los Angeles


Pneuma Breathwork or the Experience of Divinity is created by Juan Ruiz Naupari and inspired by the Golden Eagle. This practice is one of the primary legacies … Continue Reading

Choir of Happiness Image

Choir of Happiness – June 6th, Los Angeles


Inspired by the sentiment and virtuous reflection offered within the Ode to Joy, we are so happy to invite you to participate in the “Choir of Happiness.”  We will be exploring foundational music … Continue Reading

Pneuma Dreamwork

Pneuma Dreamwork – June 24th-25th, Los Angeles


In Pneuma Dreamwork you will learn to deepen into the universe of your dreams from three perspectives: Essential Shamanism, Psychology and Spirituality. Dreamwork is a complete training … Continue Reading


Christic Reiki – June 20th-21st & 27th-28th, Los Angeles


Reiki is a system of healing that came from the spiritual experience and study of Mikau Usui in the nineteenth century. The foundation is the connection with … Continue Reading


Inkarri Fundraiser – June 17th Los Angeles


Please join classical violinist Kerenza Peacock, along with musicians Ben Lee, Avasa and Matthew Love, and Sarah Engelhart at an inspiring musical evening in support of Inkarri US … Continue Reading

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Andean Initiation – July 14th-25th, Peru


    Initiation in the Andes is an experiential investigation and work related to the Andean Cosmovision which takes place in Cuzco, city of the Puma. Cuzco … Continue Reading


Essential Shamanism – July 29th-August 3rd, Peru


    We are invited and deeply inspired to return for a pilgrimage visit to the Q’ero Nation. This will be an additional and optional journey from … Continue Reading